Event Details

Ropin’ Rascals is an annual one-day children’s charity event that takes place on the Huwa family’s working cattle ranch. Special needs children transform into cowboys and cowgirls for a day, participating in events harkening back to the days of the old vaqueros, buckaroos, wranglers and cowpokes. There are both old and modern ranch activities taking place at a series of eight stations set up around an indoor arena. The days are broken into two sessions, morning and afternoon.

Horse Football™ has deep roots in history but has been heavily modified by the Huwa family for Ropin’ Rascals, a children’s charity event in Keenesburg. Our cowboys and cowgirls participate in the event with horses, but in a safer environment than the original horseball games. It focuses on fun and teamwork rather than competition. In playing, the children also get to practice what they learn in their roping lessons. Horse Football™ is often the event that is talked about long after Ropin’ Rascals ends.

Improve Confidence with Therapeutic Riding

Horseback riding is an ancient tradition, estimates are that the first horses were ridden in approximately 3,500 B.C. Using horses for therapy took root later, in the times of the ancient Greeks. But it wasn’t until Lis Hartel of Denmark won a silver medal for dressage at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, despite being a wheelchair-user because of polio, that the idea for modern therapeutic riding therapy began. Horseback riding builds muscles while developing balance, motor skills, focus and coordination.

Learn to Rope at Ropin’ Rascals

Cowpokes used a lasso to rope animals for branding or medical purposes. They took pride in their accuracy and speed and, as cowpokes often do, soon turned it into a competition. At the Ropin’ Rascals children’s charity event, special needs children will first learn and then hone their roping skills. In doing so, they will enjoy many of the same benefits as horseback riding.

Ride in a Stagecoach or Race Stick-Horses

In the Old West, the iconic stagecoaches carried passengers and/or packages across distances long enough to require a change of horses. The stagecoaches brought people west, then provided local transport. At the ranch, the children can ride in a stagecoach and experience the feel of the olden days. The modern ranch version of the stagecoach is the John Deere Gator, which will also be on hand for rides. To round out the day, children can participate in barrel racing atop stick-horses.

Live Auction Items

$500 - Sol Time – Fishing trip La Paz, Mexico
$500 - Beaver Valley Ranch 5 -day Elk hunt Steamboat Springs, CO
$800 - John Deere Heel-O-Matic Bones custom roping dummy
$500 - 2 Painting by Dr. Lynn Phillips
$500 - Pepsi Center Concert tickets
$1,000 - Slot Machine
$500 - NFR trip – includes 2 nights Dec. 6 and 7, 2019 at the Paris Hotel and 2 rodeo tickets for Dec. 7
$2000 - Silver Oak Cellars, collectors addition of wine from 1997-2002
$2,500 - Dinner for 10, gratuity included, at Del Frisco’s with limo service offered by 5 Star Limousine
$2500 - The Ropin’ Ride

Silent Auction Items

$100 - Signed back number by rodeo stars for Sound Industries team
$100 - Signed back number by rodeo stars for 4Rivers team
$200 - Huwa Reserve All-Natural Beef package
$200 - Cash Cowboys Belt Buckle
$300 - Certificate from American Hat Co.
$350 - Ritchie Bros. merchandise
$600 - Del Frisco’s Wine Basket

Get Roped into Ropin’ Rascals

Help the annual Ropin’ Rascals one-day children’s charity event continue to grow! Sponsors and charity event volunteers help special needs boys and girls transform into cowboys and cowgirls for a day. The event occurs in a setting mirroring the Old West at a working ranch. The children will build memories to last a lifetime, and the proceeds benefit local special needs charities. To register your child or to donate either time or money, please contact us today!