About Us

The Huwa family has ranched cattle for four generations, since the 1920s. They currently have 400 employees and 800 seasonal employees. They are a modern success story, taking a family farming business in Keenesburg and building it into one of the largest turf-grass seeding, fencing and reclamation operations in the United States. Their venture into reclamation projects began after their repair work on the damage resulting from the Hayman Fire in 2002. Since 2017, they have been featured on POP TV’s “Cash Cowboys.”

Horse Football™ has deep roots in history but has been heavily modified by the Huwa family for Ropin’ Rascals, a children’s charity event in Keenesburg. Our cowboys and cowgirls participate in the event with horses, but in a safer environment than the original horseball games. It focuses on fun and teamwork rather than competition. In playing, the children also get to practice what they learn in their roping lessons. Horse Football™ is often the event that is talked about long after Ropin’ Rascals ends.

The Huwa Family and Their Enterprises in Keenesburg

Brent and Tonya Huwa live on their ranch near Keenesburg and together have five children: Cody, Kylie, Austin, Trey and Brealynn. The children have a grandpa named Rick, and a great-grandpa named Herman. The family owns many businesses: H2 Enterprises, Arnold’s Custom Seeding, Dura Pride, Duraroot Environmental Consulting, Hanging H., Huwa Reserve, Meite Equipment, Milestone Companies, Solspec, Terra Restoration, Total Field & Environmental Services, LLC and Twisted Bucking Bulls.

The Hayman Fire

On June 8th, 2002, a forest fire started in Pike National Forest, 35 miles northwest of Colorado Springs. It burned until July 18, 2002. The aftermath: 138,114 acres burned, 5,340 people were evacuated, and 133 homes were burned. Afterward, the Huwas helped preserve the drinking water of 1.5 million Denver residents which was at serious risk of contamination. The Huwas learned the value of their expertise and skills and continue to pursue reclamation projects, reclaiming areas damaged by natural disasters.

Kylie Huwa

Kylie was born June 3, 1999 with Down syndrome. She is active in the Colorado Suns with Special Needs cheerleading squad, who compete in the Special Athlete division in All-Star Competitions. Since Kylie can’t and won’t be slowed down in any parts of her life, the Huwa family seeks to introduce new charity events for all special needs children, programs like Ropin’ Rascals. The Huwas also continue to fundraise for other charities that create more activities for these exceptional children.

Get Roped into Ropin’ Rascals

Help the annual Ropin’ Rascals one-day children’s charity event continue to grow! Sponsors and charity event volunteers help special needs boys and girls transform into cowboys and cowgirls for a day. The event occurs in a setting mirroring the Old West at a working ranch in Keenesburg. The children will build memories to last a lifetime, and the proceeds benefit local charities. To register your child or to donate either time or money, please contact us today!