Ropin’ Rascals is a great charity to give time and/or money to because the benefits are clearly visible—they can be gauged by the smiles on the faces of children and volunteers. Giving time and/or money benefits all three parties involved: the community, the donor, and the recipient. The community benefits through stronger social programs. The donor benefits from numerous positive mental effects. The recipient benefits from stronger social programs, allowing them to participate in a community and grow their confidence.

Good for the Community

Proceeds from the annual Ropin’ Rascals children’s charity event benefit Make-A-Wish Colorado and Colorado Suns with Special Needs, among other charities. Charities are good for the community, strengthening social ties and bonds and allowing children to have memorable experiences they might otherwise miss. Charities are often restricted by small budgets and the hours volunteers are willing to work. Increasing money and volunteer hours helps the charity increase their positive impact within a community.

Benefits for Donors

It is healthy to donate time or money to those less fortunate. Some of the health benefits include improved self-esteem, decreased depression rates, longer life expectancy, improved social connections and positive physiological changes in the brain. You can also win big in the silent auction. Past items have included hunting and fishing trips, slot machines, and more. Ropin’ Rascals is a great charity for your donations— the benefits can be gauged with the smiles of the children and volunteers.

Benefits for Special Needs Children in the Area

There are four major types of special needs children: physical, developmental, behavioral/emotional and sensory impaired. All four types benefit from the activities at the Ropin’ Rascals children’s charity event. The events at Ropin’ Rascals build and tone muscles while developing balance, motor skills, focus and coordination. They also develop mental and social skills like emotional awareness, impulse control, assertiveness, setting boundaries, being in the moment and social connection. Their smiles gauge the event’s success.

Get Roped into Ropin’ Rascals

Help the annual Ropin’ Rascals one-day children’s charity event continue to grow! Sponsors and charity event volunteers help special needs boys and girls transform into cowboys and cowgirls for a day. The event occurs in a setting mirroring the Old West at a working ranch! The children will build memories to last a lifetime, and the proceeds benefit local charities. To register your child or to donate either time or money, please contact us today!