Ropin' Rascals Charity Event in Keenesburg, CO for Children with Special Needs

Ropin’ Rascals is an annual one-day sponsored children’s charity event that takes place at the Huwa Family Ranch in Keenesburg. Under the supervision of the charity’s generous volunteers, our special needs charity helps children transform into cowboys and cowgirls for a day and develop skills and memories to last a lifetime. A past Ropin’ Rascals event at the Keenesburg ranch hosted 450 guests with 37 sponsors, raising over $100,000. The special needs children’s charity event takes place on a working cattle ranch.


Therapeutic Horseback Riding Right in Keenesburg!

Our unique children’s charity event at a ranch in Keenesburg uses horses as therapy to promote emotional and physical growth. Focusing on relaxation and development of muscle tone and coordination leads to increased confidence for the children. Equestrian therapy has its roots in ancient Greece, but it began to be used for physical health in the 1960s and its use in mental health dates to the 1990s. The charity’s generous volunteers closely oversee the horseback riding to ensure the utmost safety.

Performing at This Year's Event!

We're excited and honored to have Austin Wahlert at this year's event!

Special Needs Charity Volunteers To Keep the Old West Alive in Keenesburg

The Ropin’ Rascals charity event is made possible by the charity’s volunteers, who closely oversee and guide each of the special needs children through a venue of eight activity stations at the Keenesburg ranch. The day is broken into two sessions: morning and afternoon. In a setting mirroring the modern and Old West, children experience rodeo-themed events including horseback riding, roping lessons, John Deere Gator rides, tractor rides, barrel racing on stick-horses and stagecoach tours—all around the Keenesburg ranch.

Ropin’ Rascals in Keenesburg - a Lifetime of Memories

The sponsored charity event is a unique, light-hearted and action-packed therapeutic horseback riding and rodeo-themed event for special needs children. At eight stations highlighting different aspects of the modern and Old West, the children will ride horses, learn to rope, ride on a John Deere Gator, ride in a stagecoach, race stick-horses in a barrel race and ride on tractors. In transforming into cowboys and cowgirls for a day, the children will develop memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Get Roped into Ropin’ Rascals

Help the annual Ropin’ Rascals one-day children’s charity event continue to grow! Sponsors and charity event volunteers help special needs boys and girls transform into cowboys and cowgirls for a day. The event occurs in a setting mirroring the Old West at a working ranch in Keenesburg. The children will build memories to last a lifetime, and the proceeds benefit local special needs charities. To register your child or to donate either time or money, please contact us today!