Ropin' Rascals Charity Event in Keenesburg, CO for Children with Special Needs

March 16, 2020

Regrettably, due to our concern for the health and safety of all the participants and attendees the Ropin’ Rascals team at Huwa Enterprises is postponing the event scheduled date of May 6, 2020.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Ropin’ Rascals Team.


Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Horse therapy promotes emotional and physical growth. Focusing on relaxation and developing muscle tone and coordination leads to increased confidence for the children. The charity’s generous volunteers closely oversee the horseback riding to ensure the utmost safety.

Performing at This Year's Event!

We're excited and honored to have Austin Wahlert at this year's event!

Special Needs Charity Volunteers Keep the Old West Alive

Ropin’ Rascals is made possible by the volunteers, who partner with and guide each of the children through more than 10 activity stations. Children experience rodeo-themed events at the ranch, including: horseback riding, roping lessons, John Deere Gator and tractor rides, barrel racing on stick-horses, petting corral, and stagecoach tours.

Ropin’ Rascals - a Lifetime of Memories

Ropin’ Rascals is a unique day packed with fun, from therapeutic horseback riding and rodeo-themed events, to a tour of the ranch on an old- fashioned stagecoach, for special needs children.

Get Roped into Ropin’ Rascals

Help our annual Ropin’ Rascals continue to grow! Sponsors and charity event volunteers help kids transform into cowboys and cowgirls for the day on a working cattle ranch. Both the participants and volunteers come away with memories to last a lifetime, and the proceeds benefit Colorado charities. To register your child as a participant or to donate either time or money, please contact us today.
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There are many different activities offered at Ropin’ Rascals, and most take place in an indoor rodeo arena. The activities are all supervised and include: therapeutic horseback riding, roping lessons, John Deere Gator ride and tractor rides, barrel racing on a stick-horse, a farm animal petting corral, and stagecoach tours. We know that a lot of exceptional children don’t get to participate in the regular activities offered to their peers, and Ropin’ Rascals is above all a day for them to just be kids.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

At the ranch, therapeutic horseback riding is used to help kids stretch and strengthen their muscles and develop balance, coordination, and confidence.

Roping Lessons

In the Old West, cowboys and cowgirls roped calves to brand them or to perform medical treatment on them. They took pride in their roping skill, and that pride has developed into roping competitions still popular today. Kids at Ropin’ Rascals get to try out their roping skills, and the activity offers very similar benefits to therapeutic riding — stretching and strengthening muscles and tone, and improved balance, motor skills, focus, and coordination. Most importantly, our participants get a chance to build confidence and learn a new skill.

Ride in a Stagecoach or Race Stick-Horses

In the Old West, the iconic stagecoaches carried passengers and/or packages across distances long enough to require a change of horses. Stagecoaches brought settlers west, then provided local transport. At Ropin’ Rascals the children can ride in a stagecoach and experience the feel of the olden days. The modern ranch version of the stagecoach is the John Deere Gator, which is also on hand for rides.